2010 Sussex Clout Championships

Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Flag pinned down

Brian Temple (Barebow) pins the Flag down

A fine day in Angmering greeted the 18 archers entered for the County Clout. This was a one-way clout with Tassel status (the Clout equivalent of the Rose awards) and a double round was shot with 2 gents clouts, one ladies and one junior.

Joshua Britton, the only junior shooting his distance, on his first clout shot a very creditable 118 for the double round and earned himself a tassel. Emily Cobden, a junior shooting barebow for the Gents senior round scored 6 which must be a record of some sort!

The Gents recurve winner was Jon Stafford with 154; the barebow winner was Brian Temple with 171 and longbow winner was Graham Brown with 42.

Four people claimed the tassel awards:
Graham Stevens – Black
Andrew Holdsworth – Black
Joshua Britton – White
Kevin Doswell – White

Congratulations to all!

This was a first time for many and the chief judge, Mark Davis, gave clear instructions to all on how to determine and organise the arrow scores. A recent ruling to ensure no quivers were taken into the scoring circle was also enforced.

This was a very relaxed shoot with tea and biscuits being served at the end by Kate O’Brien of Plumpton Bowmen.

The Lady Paramount was Liz Bowyer who presented the awards as well as winning the ladies recurve with a double round score of 199.

A big thanks to Rod for organising the Tournament and enabling a last minute change of venue and to the judges Mark Davis and Roger McMullan.

The County had purchased strings, flags and poles for this event. These are available for use by any Club wishing to hold a Clout shoot of their own.

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