2017 Annual General Meeting 11th November

Friday, October 13th, 2017

The SCAA 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 11th November at Manor Field Primary School, Junction Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 OPZ. The intention is to send out Draft Minutes and Officers’ Reports fairly soon while they are still of interest to those who didn’t attend the AGM, rather than wait 12 months. Similarly it is intended to send out Digests of Executive Meetings soon after they happen.
PRE-MEETING NOTICE: The Minutes of the 2016 AGM have been sent to club secretaries, but can also be  viewed at THIS LINK. Please do read them as they are very informative. Please also try to make sure there are representatives of all the Clubs at this year’s meeting, and seriously consider whether you, or someone from your club, can join the Executive Committee to fill the vacant places.
The Association has about 1500 members, but only a very small portion supports County Events – most seem happy to limit their archery to the home club. There was minimal practical support for the County Outdoor Championships this year (although good support for the Indoors) and the burden of running the Outdoor Championships had to be carried by far too few people.
Several of the crucial posts were not filled at last years’s AGM, and remained empty through the year; we lost the services of Bob Darling for the time being at least, which meant the County Equipment was not maintained. Also, as you probably know, our Chairman, Peter Probert, was unable to continue after April for work location reasons, so we have been doubly depleted. All the same the County ran a full programme of events (Indoor, Outdoor, Field and Clout), helped enormously by a small number of individual members and clubs, and notably by High Weald who hosted two very successful Field Championships. The County Outdoor Tournament had to be run on an ad-hoc basis as no-one came forward to be Organiser, and the Rota System of Helper Clubs almost completely failed, just one of the Helper Group Clubs provided helpers to set up, and only one other archer from another helper club showed up on the day of the shoot. This put considerable unwanted stress on the Home Club (Crawley) and on the SCAA Executive.
This situation isn’t sustainable, and following the official business of the AGM there will be some discussion to agree whether the membership wants County to continue providing Championships Events, and if so, how the membership will make a useful and proportionate contribution.
If this Association is going to survive it needs more Involvement at all levels – Organising and Participating. If you think SCAA has something worthwhile to offer the members, please turn out for the AGM and get involved!

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