A month of Junior Action

Saturday, July 26th, 2014


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July was a bumper month for the Sussex Juniors, seven travelled to Telford for the Junior National Outdoor Championships meeting, six of them also competed in the WA Star on the previous day. Then on the following Saturday the Sussex Shoot for Juniors was held at Eastbourne (first time at that venue) and there was one of the best turn-outs in recent years.

EnglandJnrTeam2014 580pxlThe highlight of the Junior National Weekend came when England won the Home International Event which was part of the WA Star day, the team included Sussex Recurve Archer Marc Charlesworth. Marc was also part of the Southern Counties Regional Recurve team that came second behind Northern Counties.

2014 JnrNats PanoramaIn the Junior Championships themselves, Place Medals were  taken by Nathan Thomas (silver) and Kai Thomas-Prause (bronze), both shooting Compounds
Individual scores and some more pictures follow >>

Junior National Championships 6 July 2014

2014 JnrNats KT-PAwd

Bristol 4 – Junior Ladies Recurve
8 Kiera Henderson Meridian Archery 1194

Bristol 3 – Junior Ladies Recurve
11 Jodie Green Ditchling AC 1118

Bristol 3 – Junior Gentlemen Compound
3 Nathan Thomas Ditchling AC 1201

Bristol 2 – Junior Ladies Recurve
7 Amelia Harper Chichester B 1058
22 Jodie-Anne Taylor Chichester B 761

Bristol 2 – Junior Gentlemen Recurve
6 Marc Charlesworth Arundown AC 1116

Bristol 2 – Junior Gentlemen Compound
3 Kai Thomas-Prause Bayeux B 1140

JUNIOR W.A. STAR 5 July 2014

2014 JnrNats MC+KT-PMetric 2 – Junior Gentlemen Recurve
4 Marc Charlesworth Arundown AC 1197

Metric 2 – Junior Gentlemen Compound
3 Kai Thomas-Prause Bayeux B 1158

Metric 2 – Junior Ladies Recurve
6 Amelia Harper Chichester B 1084

Metric 3 – Junior Gentlemen Compound
2 Nathan Thomas Ditchling AC 1292

Metric 3 – Junior Ladies Recurve
20 Jodie Green Ditchling AC 1115

Metric 4 – Junior Ladies Recurve
8 Kiera Henderson Meridian Archery 1275

1 England 10267
Marc Charlesworth Recurve

2014 JnrNats Marc Shoots for England

2 SCAS Score: 4992
Marc Charlesworth

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