County Championships Date Change

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

FITA : July 20th  –  Championships : July 21st

Due to an error by the Surrey Tournament Organiser, the Surrey Outdoor Championships are scheduled for the second weekend in July instead of the third, which is the established date. Their shoot is a World Record Status FITA Star and includes the English Archery Federation National Championships, and they are now unable to move it to the normal weekend.

We know that a number of potential Sussex Champions and regular entrants will be torn between the two shoots if they are both on the same day, so it’s been decided to move the Sussex Championships to the third weekend for this year. Unfortunately this does (did – see below) clash with the Six Villages American shoot, for which the County apologises and hopes that those archers who wouldn’t be thinking of entering a 12-dozen Championship Round (and that’s a lot) might consider entering the shorter American Round, complete with tempting barbecue, it’s a perfect alternative. Footnote – the Six Village  Tournament has been re-scheduled to 14th July

The Entry Form for the July Championships is on the Tournament Web Page

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