County Championships – McMullan Honoured

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

RogerMacMullanCertificateAMSCAA President Philip Van Buren presented a Silver Medal and Certificate to Roger McMullan on behalf of the Southern Counties Archery Society in recognition of thirty-plus years of Judging in the Region. For much of that time Roger was the only Judge based in Sussex. Wherever Roger has gone to judge, wife Zillah been along too as at least 50% of a brilliant double-act, and Sussex County was delighted she accepted the invitation to be Lady Paramount on Championships Day. The McMullan’s contribution is truly immeasurable, and whole generations of archers have grown up helped along by Roger and Zillah in their inimitable way.

Roger’s retirement almost meant we were Judgeless – but as one door closed behind Roger, another opened for Julie Pede to step in as Candidate Judge, and we wish her all the very best and can’t wait for her to be become qualified.

A Gallery of Pictures has been uploaded of the Championships – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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