Doreen says Thank You

Monday, July 21st, 2014

County Championship weekend 19th/20th July 2014

Can I please thank everyone for the overwhelming number of get well wishes that I received last evening; I was amazed to see so many signed the cards and I thank you all for thinking of me.

As you know, I collapsed at 5 a.m. on Saturday whilst I was getting ready to come to the  Championships; I called the paramedics, who decided I would be better off in hospital and I stayed there over the weekend.  It is still not known exactly what caused the collapse but it was thought to be a heart problem.. Having spent 36 hours attached to a heart monitor,  I am waiting for the results of lots of tests done. Apparently if I do as I’m told everything should be ok. However  as my friends know, doing as I’m told could be a problem!!!!!!!!!! But I’ll try.
I am so sorry to have missed the tournament – in fact I think it is the first I have missed since joining archery in 1959!!!!!!! (before you were born I bet!!!)

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and shot well despite the weather I understand you had. I can safely say I did not get wet at all!!!!!!!!  Congratulations everyone, particularly the winners,, and I hope everyone shot as they would like.

Again thank you all, enjoy the rest of the season, and shoot well.

Doreen (Cannon)

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