Junior Winter League Final Results

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

The Second Winter League competition is over, and the scores are all in and sorted. Congratulations to everyone who took part, and well done all the winners, Indoor and Out. Trophies will be on their way out soon.
Click here to see the Final Positions at the end of March

The League had entrants with a wide range of ages and experience, and in many of the Divisions it’s the experienced ones that came out on top – which was to be expected – but there are some impressive scores by archers shooting their first ever competitions too. The main idea was to get lots of Juniors shooting and recording their scores every month, and that’s what happened.
As usual there’s a prize for the archer who made the biggest improvement over the winter, and this year the winning margin is 103 points, which is pretty spectacular for a three-dozen round. And amazingly that was the winning margin for both the Indoor and Frostbite competitions.
Club Secretaries and Records Officers – please make a mental note to recruit more of your Juniors to enter this League next year, specially if none from your club were in the tables this time. The League gets under way in November, so please make a start preparing them, big and small, around the end of September, let’s see lots of new names for 2013-14.

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