Indoor Championships – 11th April

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Stop Press.. Junior Winter League Final Results

The Final League Table is published on the Junior Winter Leagues Page

The County and Regional Indoor Championships

was about five weeks later than usual this year because the Hall was not available for the first Sunday in March.


This meant the shoot crept into the outdoor season, and as a result a number of ‘Regulars’, both from Sussex and around the Region, were booked into other shoots, particularly the Clophill Double WA70. And to avoid clashing with the Richmond Pagoda Shoot on Sunday 12th, the shoot was held on a Saturday. But all the same there was a good turnout, with over 90% of the places filled.


In the Regional Championships three Sussex Compounds – Jacki Beard, Gary Cole and Kai Thomas-Prause (Junior) – and a Barebow, Jessica Campion (Junior) all won their classes outright. Sussex Junior Gents dominated the Compound class, taking the top five places. Silver Medals were taken by Petra Ginman and Gavin Sutherland (recurve), Chris Cooper (Junior recurve) , Liz Bowyer (longbow),  Sue Wright (barebow), Horatio Ridley (Junior barebow) and Harry Datchler (junior compound). And Marc Charlesworth (Junior recurve), Iain Cadle (barebow),  Dominic Peckham (Junior barebow), and James Downey (Junior compound) were Bronze Medallists.

The Sussex Champions and medallists included all the above, with Jodie Green (Junior Recurve Champion), Ken Cobby (Longbow Champion) and with Silver Medallists  Amelia Harper and Ben Green (recurve), Keira Henderson (Junior recurve), Nicola Curtis and Paul Campion (longbow), Sarah Wright and Steve Baldwin (barebow), and James Datchler (compound). Bronze Medals were won by Iain Charlesworth (recurve), Natasha Homer and Alex McAuley (Junior recurve) Jordan Moores (longbow), Alyson Smith and Douglas Hendrie (barebow) and Chris Keate (compound).

NOTE – Bronze Medals – there weren’t enough Sussex Bronze Medals in stock to hand out to all the winners. Unfortunately the Birmingham Company that supplies them now has them produced in Taiwan, and there is an extended delivery time. Medals will be sent on when they arrive, but this may take several months.

The tournament seemed to run smoothly with no significant delays – although the Timed Ends does mean there’s very little room for error. We can thank the Field Crew, the Judges, and also the Competitors, for all really working well together to spot and fix potential problems before they turned into anything.
Because the shoot was on Saturday, the set-up had to be on Friday evening, and a big gang of Crawley Archers turned out to load vans and to make two journeys down to the K2 Hall to deliver and unload everything.  This was where being a month later worked to our advantage, because the field was dry and the van could drive up to the containers. And there was daylight enough to see to unload. The actual set-up in the hall couldn’t start until 10.15 pm, and a small gang worked until nearly 1.00 am to mark the lines and set-up the bosses. There was then an early start in the morning to pin up the target faces.


Thanks to everyone who helped set up, keep it running, and tear down,
At Hazelwick and the K2 before and after
Terry Maskell, Trevor Strudwick, Andy Galley, Siobhan McGuire, James Strudwick, Geri Barnden, Nathan St John, Val Wickenden, Tom Relfe, Liam Upfold, Paul Wood, Tony Jerome, Adam Smith, Ross Gibson, Stuart Robins
At the K2 Friday Night and through Saturday
Rod Woodhatch, Rob Keeling, Iain Charlesworth, Ben Green, Kevin Legan, Graham Stevens
At the K2 Saturday
Jules Robinson, Jacki Beard, Kiera Henderson, Iain Cadle, Simon Quill, Karen Cooper, Mark Robinson, Sue Mangan, Serena Charlesworth, Steve Allen, and ‘someone from Holbrook’ – probably Peter Merryweather
Plus all the Crawley team members who loaded up at the end, waited for the van to return for a second load, and got everything packed away before going home. Apologies if anyone was missed.

FULL RESULTS and Links to Pictures are on the TOURNAMENT WEB PAGE

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