K2 Indoor Championships Report

Monday, March 4th, 2013

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As this is the Sussex Website, the report comes from a Sussex Perspective, but the support from around the Southern Counties Region was remarkable this year, particularly when the distances some of the competitors travelled is taken into account. The Championships sessions of the shoot were over-subscribed, and  around twenty people either didn’t get in to the shoot, or had to make do with one session when they’d hoped to shoot a double round.

Unfortunately many of these weren’t able to stay late and enter the Team Event third session as an alternative, and there were three unfilled slots in that part of the Meeting.

K2Assembly2013More people coming from around the Region was a compensation for the smaller entry from Sussex itself, around sixty this year compared with eighty last, but this made little difference to the final results as once again Sussex swept the Regional County Team competition winning the Recurve, Longbow and Compound classes and produced five out of the eight Senior Champions and two Junior Regional Champions, six Silver Medallists and one Bronze.
The closest contested classes were Ladies Recurve where Diane Billeness was just a single point behind the Champion, and the Gents Compound which was a dead heat between our Gary Kinghorn and their (Bedfords) Terry Course. This was Terry’s hat-trick, and with Gary as the opposition on this occasion he had to lift up his game, and the winning score was in fact the highest seen in this shoot.
The following Sussex Archers are Regional Champions:  Liz Bowyer (L/B), Gavin Sutherland (R/C), Steve Baldwin (B/B), Chris Ellis (L/B), Gary Kinghorn (C/U), Bryony Pitman (R/C) and Jamie Cole (C/U). Silver Medallists were Diane Billeness (R/C), Sidonie Lake (B/B), Gerry Deak (R/C), Phil Reay (B/B), Kiera Henderson (R/C) and Pip Tucknott (C/U); Gary Cole (C/U) took the Bronze medal.
Of course these archers were also Sussex Champions or runners-up in their classes, with some impressive performances close behind and in other bow-styles, including a few surprises.
In the Team Event at the end of the day, the Top All-Sussex Team was once again Chichester, followed by Holbrook and Ditchling. This year there were no Sussex Archers in the top three ‘Non-Sussex or Mixed’ teams, but in fifth place and ahead of Chichester was an all-girl team (one just a Senior) which included ‘our’ Bryony. Chessington Bowmen had a mixed team with a very similar age range, and was the second highest All-Recurve team.
Several of the Sussex teams in the Team Event included, or in one case was made up entirely of, new archers shooting in their first-ever competition. None of them seemed to be  awed by the venue or competition, and they all performed beyond expectations, so maybe the excellent shooting conditions helped them along.

There have been target boss problems and delays at this shoot in previous years, but this time things were kept very close to schedule throughout. Part of this was down to newly purchased equipment, but the main factor at work was the significantly larger number of helpers this year. Many were old friends from previous years, which meant they knew exactly what to do, but this time they weren’t over-loaded, and as a result a lot of equipment modification and maintenance was carried out, as well as setting up the hall in  record time. The same applied during the shoot itself, there were plenty of people to help the Joint Field Captains Rod Woodhatch and Rob Keeling deal with keeping the target line in good shape, and also this time there were enough  ‘Front-of-House’ helpers.

ReceptionThe helpers were in fact nothing short of brilliant. Very willing, universally friendly, and very able and efficient. Help came from all over, but once again Ditchling, Crawley and Holbrook came in force. And of course the Judges – Mark Davis, Andy Turner, Andrew Trimble, Steve Vallis and Mark Constable –  were ready to put their shoulders to the wheel, and the K2 Staff were as usual hugely helpful and energetic getting us set up.

DitchlingIt makes a massive difference if the workload gets spread about in bite-sized portions instead of 16-ton chunks, and this year it was – Thanks everyone who pitched in, including ….
Alastair Baker  Nick Barnes Jackie Beard  Paul and Jessica Campion  Iain and Serena Charlesworth  Doreen Cannon  Bob Darling  Taff Evans  Jenny Francis   Ben Green   Richard Halsey   Rob Keeling   Gary Kinghorn  Michaela Lake  Steve Lancaster  Roger and Zillah MacMullan  Simon Quill  Jules Robinson   Phil Reay  Graham Stevens  Gavin Sutherland  Karina Wiles  Rod Woodhatch  and Robin, Peter, Tom, Dave, Shaun and Peter from Crawley who loaded and unloaded at Hazelewick (Special mention for Dave Fordham and Peter Damon who spent three hours on the following day stowing the gear), plus a posse of competitors who helped to pin the faces at change-overs and tear down at the end of the shoot – thanks and well done everybody.
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