Previously owned equipment for sale

Saturday, October 12th, 2019

We don’t usually do this, however it is also unusual that an archer we know passes away in a young age.
The list of equipment below is being sold by the bereaved parents.

In the first instance please contact Philip van Buren, SCAA President, and friend of the family on as the go-between. 

All this gear is for sale ideally as a ‘job-lot’ but offers for individual items will be considered. Please respect the feelings of the parents when making them realistic offers.

QTY Item Spec Condition
1 Pr of HOYT 990TX Carbon Foam Limbs 30 lb Medium Limb

With Bowstring

Perfect/un-used with NO sign of string wear at all
1 Petron S3 RH Riser complete with flip rest & button R/H Blue – fitted with Spigarelli Flipper Rest & Shibuya Pressure Button All Very Good
1 Pr Hoyt Limb Covers Black New
1 Shibuya Sight – fitted With 9” Carbon extension Perfect
6 A/C/C Arrows 3L-04/750 Very Good
1 ACCO Archery Hard black polypropylene Case on wheels With Velcro Bags & sections/compartments for limbs, riser, arrows & accessories.  Spare set of wheels included Excellent – Very good

Cartel v-bar
Cartel Extender
Cartel Long Rod
5” Extender
30” Long Rod
1 Magnetic Clicker Cavalier Unused
1 Fivics Tab Medium R/H Little used
1 A & F Tab Large R/H Used
1 Easton Nock Pliers    
  Assorted Allen Keys Various sizes  
1 Long arm Bracers Leather Used
1 Economy Bow Sight   Used
1 DG Bracing Height Gauge Alloy  
10 Easton G-Nock 9/32 insert type New
1 Saunders NPV Adhesive   1 Used
1 Score Pad & Holder Leather Very Good-Used
1 Petron Bowstringer Saddle & Boot type Used
1 Block of Beeswaz   Used
1 Arrow Puller   Used
1 Bow Stand    
1 Side Quiver & Belt Longshot 3 Pouch Very Good

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