Target Records

Updated 08/01/2020

To claim a county record, download a claim form (SCAA Record Claim Form (XLS)) or ( SCAA Record Claim Form (PDF) ) and return it to the County Records Officer with either a copy of the signed score sheet or, for Open records, a copy of the tournament results.

Juniors: Archery GB have introduced 6 dozen Metric rounds for Under 16’s records for specified age groups may now be claimed for Club and Open shoots.

New Archery GB Junior Metric Rounds

Archery GB Metric Rounds    Archery GB Age details

Outdoor Records


Ladies Senior – Outdoors – Recurve

Ladies Senior – Outdoors – Longbow

Ladies Senior – Outdoors – Compound

Ladies Senior – Outdoors – Barebow


Gents Senior – Outdoors – Barebow

Gents Senior – Outdoors – Compound

Gents Senior – Outdoors – Longbow

Gents Senior – Outdoors – Recurve

Junior Ladies

Ladies Junior – Outdoors – Barebow

Ladies Junior – Outdoors – Compound

Ladies Junior – Outdoors – Longbow

Ladies Junior – Outdoors – Recurve

Junior Gents

Gents Junior – Outdoors – Barebow

Gents Junior – Outdoors – Compound

Gents Junior – Outdoors – Longbow

Gents Junior – Outdoors – Recurve

Indoor Records


Ladies Senior – Indoors – Barebow

Ladies Senior – Indoors – Compound

Ladies Senior – Indoors – Longbow

Ladies Senior – Indoors – Recurve


Gents Senior – Indoors – Barebow

Gents Senior – Indoors – Compound

Gents Senior – Indoors – Longbow

Gents Senior – Indoors – Recurve

Junior Ladies:

Ladies Junior – Indoors – Barebow

Ladies Junior – Indoors – Compound

Ladies Junior – Indoors – Longbow

Ladies Junior – Indoors – Recurve

Junior Gents:

Gents Junior – Indoors – Barebow

Gents Junior – Indoors – Compound

Gents Junior – Indoors – Longbow

Gents Junior – Indoors – Recurve

The County Records are now in a new pdf format and have been updated and converted from the old excel tables, please email the RecordsOfficer if there are any errors or if there is anything else you would like to see added to the Senior records page.