Rankings Updated April 2017

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

The Rankings page has been updated, please let me know of any errors or omissions that may have slipped through.

We urgently need more juniors to take part and submit ranking scores, a number of our current juniors have moved or are about to move into the senior classification. Please ask around your clubs and encourage them to give Bristols and Metrics a go.

Junior Ranking Rounds….Boys Girls Rounds Min Distances

U18 Metric 1 Bristol 1 Windsor 30m 50y
U16 U18 Metric 2 Bristol 2 Short Windsor 30m 40y
U14 U16 Metric 3 Bristol 3 Junior Windsor 20m 30y
U12 U14 Metric 4 Bristol 4 Short Junior Windsor 10m 20y
U12 Metric 5 Bristol 5 Short Junior Windsor 10m 10y

I try to find the results from as many local tournaments as I can however, I’m not always aware of them all, especially if they are a distance away. If you wish to be included in the Rankings Tables and be sure that all your scores are counted,  you should email them in so that I can double check them.

If you send in a score from a club target day, please make sure that you include the scoresheet, countersigned by a witness.

For more information, pleased check out the Rankings Page

David Coates

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