Record Keeper is Setting Records

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Two and a half years ago Michaela Lake was a typical Archery Mum, sitting on the sidelines in ‘parent or guardian’ style. Then when Terry Maskell ended his prolonged stint as Records Officer she offered to keep the County Target Records in order, but with the warning that she knew next to nothing apart from being slick with a keyboard. Since then the latest Record tables have been published every month, with summaries and statistics on High Days and Holidays and AGMs, and Michaela probably now knows a lot more about Archery Rounds, Scores and Handicaps that many Archers.

By the beginning of this year she was also editing a replacement for the Mayflower Archery Calendar, and around then she seems to have decided that she was ready to try shooting some arrows herself.  She opted to shoot Barebow and Traditional styles, and on 2nd June she entered the Southern Counties Regional Clout Championships at Dunstable where she set Sussex County ‘Open’ 2-way Barebow Records for both the Single and Double Round, and to cap it all brought the 2013 Ladies Regional Barebow Title home to Sussex.

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