Sussex League

The Sussex League is a friendly inter-club competition between Sussex clubs during the Summer Season.
The League is organised by a County Committee representative. Any Sussex club may join the League.

For 2019 some changes have been made, largely as a result of the Survey carried out in November 2018.

The overwhelming majority of responses favoured use of a fullsize target face, and more than half preferred a 9-dozen Imperial Round. But many archers weren’t confident about shooting further than 60 yards, although there was a definite contingent wanting to continue shooting Albion Rounds as in the past. So it was decided to run both Albion and Windsor competitions. Clubs may enter either or both.

Presently there is just one Albion Division of four clubs. And as there is no history of Windsor Rounds, for 2019 all clubs in the Windsor Round will shoot in  a ‘pool’, and the scores will be used to divide Clubs into League Divisions for 2020. Clubs may arrange to shoot their rounds alongside neighbouring clubs on a Friendly basis if they like.

There are also two sideshows, the Sussex Junior League and the Sussex Longbow League, which take the form of Postal Leagues and are shot alongside the Albion and / or Windsor Rounds at the Matches between Clubs. The difference is that the Junior and Longbow Archers aren’t competing against the other club on the Archery Field, they are competing against all other Junior and Longbow teams in the League over the Summer Season (and for 2109 somethingsimilar will apply to the Windsor League).

The results are announced at the AGM near the end of the year, and the winner of each Division is presented with a Cup. Medals are also given for first places for four team members.

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The Albion League rules and results forms can be downloaded using the following links:

For further details please contact the Albion League Organiser.