Sussex Win 1st World Record Status Match

Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Sussex 27,091 – Hampshire 25,201

One of Pete Probert’s aims as County Chairman was to ratchet County Matches and Championships up a notch, and apply for World Record Status instead of just UK RS. Well, his wish has come true, but maybe a little sooner than planned as both the Hampshire Match and the County Championships have been given WRS this year, although that may be the result of a tick in the wrong box on the Application Forms. This truly dropped the County Team Manager Nick Lea in at the deep end as, although not nominally the Tournament Organiser it was his job to sort out all the practical details, and it wasn’t just a normal County Match, his first-ever Home Match was also the first ever Outdoor World Record Status Shoot organised by County (although there have been a few others organised by Sussex Clubs). Fortunately there was help and mentoring on hand from other Committee members who had organised UKRS and WRS Shoots, and together with a wealth of experience and advice from the Judging team, and massive and willing input from Crawley Club members, Team Members and parents of Junior Team members, and others who just came to help, all he had to do was plug in the brand new Timing Equipment, cross his fingers and wait..

Well he may have made it look easy, but you can be sure a whole lot of hard work went in before the Sussex Team trooped out in the newly-designed (by team member Daniel Alan) shooting kit. The weather was fine, the wind was strong, the Hazelwick School field was set up beautifully, and the archers shot a storm to beat old rivals Hampshire by nearly 1900 points. A great success for both Nick and the whole Team.

Click Here to see Individual Results of the 2017 Hampshire Match



What a great, but exhausting weekend!  And what a great result!

At risk of making this sound like an Oscars acceptance speech, there are a lot of people deserving of recognition for their time and effort last weekend.

All are deserving, but none more so than Trevor Strudwick (Chair of Crawley AC and competition judge).  Trevor is heavily relied on by Sussex to conduct the setting-up and packing away of the field for county shoots.  Having assisted Trevor for this tournament, I now appreciate exactly how much work is entailed.
Without his time and effort these tournaments simply wouldn’t happen.
A huge thank you to Trevor.

There were also many of you who sacrificed your Saturday afternoon to help Trevor with the setting-up.  I know he appreciated it and I certainly know I did!
Unsung heroes, thank you so much.
Also a big thank you to the judges, Netta, Julie, Andrew and the afore mentioned Trevor.

They do not get paid for their time and are in pretty much constant demand throughout the calendar.   This frequently requires sacrifices to both social and home life.  Again, without them, these record status tournament could not happen.  They also helped me considerably on the day, spotting and averting several potential issues before they had a chance to materialize!

Huge thanks to all the mums and dads who pitched-in (as always) to help with the juniors, targets and with the field party.  I would have been floundering without you.

And finally, but certainly not least, thank you SUSSEX ARCHERS!
You did yourselves and Sussex Archery proud
There were challenging conditions and very stiff competition.  It was very close in the senior categories with Hampshire edging it, but the juniors outshone everyone to take the tournament
I know there was at least 1 JMB score achieved on Sunday, however, I’m going to let our rankings and records officer, David Coates, broadcast all the results and achievements once the score sheets have been properly analysed.

As much as I would love to name names here, I cannot risk missing someone out.  I’m sure the parents involved will appreciate and understand.

Once again, thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, great support and for making me look good on the day, at my first tournament as TO!


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