2010 Sussex Clout Championships

Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Flag pinned down

Brian Temple (Barebow) pins the Flag down

A fine day in Angmering greeted the 18 archers entered for the County Clout. This was a one-way clout with Tassel status (the Clout equivalent of the Rose awards) and a double round was shot with 2 gents clouts, one ladies and one junior.

Joshua Britton, the only junior shooting his distance, on his first clout shot a very creditable 118 for the double round and earned himself a tassel. Emily Cobden, a junior shooting barebow for the Gents senior round scored 6 which must be a record of some sort!

The Gents recurve winner was Jon Stafford with 154; the barebow winner was Brian Temple with 171 and longbow winner was Graham Brown with 42.

Four people claimed the tassel awards:
Graham Stevens – Black
Andrew Holdsworth – Black
Joshua Britton – White
Kevin Doswell – White

Congratulations to all!

This was a first time for many and the chief judge, Mark Davis, gave clear instructions to all on how to determine and organise the arrow scores. A recent ruling to ensure no quivers were taken into the scoring circle was also enforced.

This was a very relaxed shoot with tea and biscuits being served at the end by Kate O’Brien of Plumpton Bowmen.

The Lady Paramount was Liz Bowyer who presented the awards as well as winning the ladies recurve with a double round score of 199.

A big thanks to Rod for organising the Tournament and enabling a last minute change of venue and to the judges Mark Davis and Roger McMullan.

The County had purchased strings, flags and poles for this event. These are available for use by any Club wishing to hold a Clout shoot of their own.

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2010 Barebow and Longbow Open Tournament

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

The first Sussex Barebow and Longbow Open shoot with record status and 26 entrants took place at the Holbook Club, Horsham on 30th May.


The weather was a lot kinder than the day before and the ranks were swelled with additional recurve and compound archers who had dried out from the day before.

Penny Cockerton was our Lady Paramount who enjoyed a very relaxing day doing her duties and catching up with friends.

The shoot went very quickly with only 3 to a target and the first 6 dozen were done by midday; it was the recurve and compounds who held things up! This came as a shock to the cafeteria who were expecting a 1pm finish! The whole shoot finished with the presentations by 4.30!

As this was the first shoot of its kind the winners of the main senior categories were presented with bottles of champagne, the juniors with chocolates.

Seven people applied for Rose awards.

The judges were Mark Davis – in fine vocal form as usual having just flown back from Guernsey for his 40th wedding anniversary -, Roger McMullan and Richard Hillier.

To view the Results please Click here

Rod Woodhatch again kept a tight control of the field with help from Malcolm Parsons (Plumpton), Graham Stevens (Holbrook) and Bob Darling (Ditchling).

Rod Brown’s computerised scoring was well tried out for the second time which augurs well for the championships in July. Zillah McMullan and Diane Hillier again provided help in the scoring room.

This was a very relaxed shoot.


2010 East Sussex Versus West Sussex Shoot

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

This was a new venture for the County – an early season record status tournament challenging the archers of the East v the West of the County. It was not for the faint-hearted; of the 58 entrants only 27 finished to tell the tale due the intemperate weather conditions.

The shoot ended with honours even; a recurve win for the West and a compound win for the East. All the entrants who finished the shoot were awarded a medal for their endurance.

And there was one Rose award for 1100 claimed from Chris Keate – well done!

To view the Results please Click Here

Results of Adults shooting Junior Rounds

Judges Richard Hiller and Roger McMullan received the Lord Patron’s endurance awards from Roger Wolff.

This year the Commitee decided to split the tasks into manageable chunks.

Rod Woodhatch excelled as Field Captain ably assisted by Katie O’Brien, Richard Britton, Chris Jennings and Adam Jennings. The County has invested in new target numbers and metal detectors which proved invaluable.

Rod Brown provided the results using his own software package assisted by Zillah McMullan and Diane Hillier.

Chris Tucknott handled all the entries and had done most of the tournament prepraration work.

Doreen handled the on-site registration.

Jean and Alan Ruby ran the tombola.

John Humphrey organised the equipment transfer to Holbrook.

The Holbrook Club provided welcome shelter from the rain and their cafe ran out of bacon before lunch!

A big thanks to all!

K2 Photos

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Some photos of the day’s proceedings at the 2010 Indoor Championships can be seen by clicking here.

2010 SCAS and Sussex CAA Indoor Championships results

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Full results from last Sunday’s shoot at the K2 can be viewed using the links below:

Report and photos to follow.

2009 Junior National Indoor Championships

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Sussex Archers put in some very commendable performances at the Junior National Indoor Championships held at the National Sports Centre, Lilleshall in December 2009.

Maybe the most spectacular was 12 year old Bryony Pitman (Recurve, Worthing) who won her age group by a margin of nearly 50 points and beat two-thirds of all the girls shooting recurve bows, of all ages up to 18.

Thomas Hooper (Recurve, Bognor Regis) took the bronze medal in the under-18 age group just three points behind the two archers who shared first place.

Jamie Cole (13 years, Compound, Chichester) took a good second place in the under-14 Compound group, and barebow archers Vivienne Foord (13, Newhaven) and Dominic Bodle (12, Newhaven) both won their age-group.

Other Sussex archers at the Championships were Hayley Foord (13, Newhaven. Recurve), Stevie Kent (12, Friars Gate, Compound), and Cameron Temple (13, Ditchling, Compound).

Click this link to download the full results.

2009 National Clout Championships

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Six Sussex archers, including five from Arundown AC, travelled to the GNAS National Clout Championship at Barnsley on 17th October, and Liz Bowyer came back as the 2009 UK Lady Recurve Champion.

2009 National Ladies Recurve Clout Champion - Liz Bowyer of Arundown AC

2009 National Ladies Recurve Clout Champion - Liz Bowyer of Arundown AC

The wind was cold and variable, and hard to read because the shooting line was protected by trees. Liz found the first round hard work and at lunchtime was trailing in sixth place with 87, six points behind the leader, but she hunkered down in the afternoon and scored 109, fifteen more than the lunchtime leader, to win by nine points.

Another Sussex archer, Graham Brown, took the Bronze in the Gents Longbow division.

Liz was one of six National Champions from the Southern Counties Region, as against five from Northern Counties and two from Grand Western, which shows that interest in Clout archery is now spread quite proportionally between the larger regional associations, and not just in the North. There were seven archers from Scotland, but none from Wales or Northern Ireland.

Northern Counties do a great job putting on this shoot, they manage to find an exceptionally good-natured group of officials, and the whole mood is friendly and inclusive, with the most competitive and accomplished clout archers always ready to advise and assist and encourage anybody, whether it’s first-timers or serious opponents. And like most Northern clout tournaments, there were nearly as many ladies as gents on the field.

Full results from the championship can be downloaded by clicking here.

Rod Brown, Arundown AC

2009 Sussex Championships results

Monday, September 7th, 2009

The results of the 2009 Sussex Championships held at Falmer High School on Sunday 30th August have been published:

Congratulations to the winners.

Details of the 2010 Sussex Championships and other tournaments in the County shooting calendar will be published soon.

2009 Eastbourne Archers Junior Shoot results

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Eastbourne Archers third junior Western shoot on Monday 31st August saw five new county records and an overall win for Rebecca Davis of Newhaven AC.

The full results can be downloaded here.