Target bosses for sale

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

Eleven bosses forming a wallWe have 33 bosses for sale due to an equipment refresh. Both individuals and clubs are eligible to buy them. Most of the bosses are Elevens, 10 of them are Tenzones. They are on a good overall condition.

See the full offer below:

The ‘Eleven’ bosses are plain slabs without replaceable inserts which cost £360 each new. They are lightweight and easy to handle, and have no surrounding wooden framing, so are less likely to damage arrows. When new they are extremely effective at stopping arrows. They are now a bit softer but still good arrow-stoppers, there were no pass-through problems at recent Championships and Matches. Even when new, they are kind to Junior and Longbow arrows, and rarely cause bouncers. These have had up to about 14,000 shots aimed at them, which is equivalent to about 60 days of club use. They should be good for at least another two years of outdoor club uses, or at least one year of indoor use.
Asking £50 per boss, collected. (all reserved)

Tenzone laminated boss with standThe ‘Tenzone’ bosses cost £265 new and incorporate screws for tightening the laminations, pre-cut replacement foam can be bought from Tenzone. The combination of boss and stand is rather heavy, probably around 50kg, and clubs who use them often fit wheels. These are newer than the Elevens and have only had about 4000 arrows shot at them, all of it outdoors, the equivalent of about 18 days club use. They haven’t needed to have the foam re-tightened or replaced, but some may benefit from a bit of foam shuffling and re-tightening soon.
Asking £165 per set, collected. (10 available)

Both offers are collection only at Hazelwick School, Three Bridges. The collection can’t happen before 1st of May unless there is dry period in the school Easter Holidays. Please contact our Chairman, Rod Brown for details.


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