The SCAS Inter-Counties Match Report

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

The 2103 inter-counties Sussex Team

The Intercounties meeting held at Kingston was very successful. Despite not having some of our top archers present, the Sussex teams did very well indeed.

Apologies have to be made that no report was sent to the team members; I did not receive any information from the organiser Mr.Dimmock.

Our Longbow archers were outstanding; Marilyn Dewar shot 538, with Chris Ellis just behind with 526. A new addition to our team Graham Merritt did a very  creditable 431 and our stalwart member Ron Smith 393. Their total score of 1886 gave them first place. Marilyn also came first in the individual results, as did Chris Ellis

Our senior team also came first with a total score of 4123, the team was Bryony Pitman (J) 1114; Petra Ginman 1070, Mandy Linn 990 and David Coates 949 Bryony was placed 2nd in the individual results with Petra 3rd and Mandy 4th.

The compound team finished 3rd with a score of 4702; Linda Palmer 1194, Pip Tucknott 1184, Dave Wakeford 1172, and Phil Adams 1152 .

The Juniors also shot well with our recurve team coming third with a score of 4285 points – Essex coming lst with 4710.

Our team was: Marc Charlesworth 1162; Jodie Green 1130; Keira Henderson 1066; Henry Risborough 927.

The Junior compound team consisting of Nathan Tomas 1190, Kai Thomas-Prause 1136; Cameron Temple 1088 and Adam Barton 1012 came 2nd with Essex the winners.

As you can see we had a very successful tournament,

Final Awards were made as follows:

Senior Recurve – 1. Sussex 4123; 2 Herts 39976; 3. Kent 3969/

Senior Longbow- 1. Sussex 1886; 2. Surrey 1477; 3 Kent 1474.

Senior compound – 1. Herts 4824; 2. Essex 4758. 3.Sussex 4702.

JuniorsCompound l. Essex 3682; 2. Sussex 3414.

Junior Recurve 1. Essex 4710; 2. Surrey 4541; 3rd Sussex 4284.

Click here for Full Results

It was disappointing that awards and records could not be made at this championship due to the resignation of the Regional secretary Mr.Woodger, and the fact that no record status had been applied for, but Mr.Dimmock promised that all winners would receive their awards at the earliest possible time.

Nevertheless the whole day was very pleasant despite the weather, and Sussex would like to thank all our archers who shot so well.

Also we would like to thank so many people who helped make this a very pleasant day, team managers, parents, and the organisers of the event.

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