2010 Barebow and Longbow Open Tournament

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

The first Sussex Barebow and Longbow Open shoot with record status and 26 entrants took place at the Holbook Club, Horsham on 30th May.


The weather was a lot kinder than the day before and the ranks were swelled with additional recurve and compound archers who had dried out from the day before.

Penny Cockerton was our Lady Paramount who enjoyed a very relaxing day doing her duties and catching up with friends.

The shoot went very quickly with only 3 to a target and the first 6 dozen were done by midday; it was the recurve and compounds who held things up! This came as a shock to the cafeteria who were expecting a 1pm finish! The whole shoot finished with the presentations by 4.30!

As this was the first shoot of its kind the winners of the main senior categories were presented with bottles of champagne, the juniors with chocolates.

Seven people applied for Rose awards.

The judges were Mark Davis – in fine vocal form as usual having just flown back from Guernsey for his 40th wedding anniversary -, Roger McMullan and Richard Hillier.

To view the Results please Click here

Rod Woodhatch again kept a tight control of the field with help from Malcolm Parsons (Plumpton), Graham Stevens (Holbrook) and Bob Darling (Ditchling).

Rod Brown’s computerised scoring was well tried out for the second time which augurs well for the championships in July. Zillah McMullan and Diane Hillier again provided help in the scoring room.

This was a very relaxed shoot.


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