SCAA Privacy Policy

The Sussex County Archery Association is one of the County Archery Associations affiliated to the national governing body (the Grand National Archery Society which trades as Archery GB) and to the regional body (the Southern Counties Archery Society).

The Association acts as a Federation of Sussex Archery Clubs and their members; and works to promote, develop and encourage amateur archery throughout the County of Sussex in England, which includes both East and West Sussex; and represents Sussex Archery Clubs within the Regional and National Organisations. It is a not-for-profit organisation run by its members on an unpaid voluntary basis.

Sussex County Archery Association, also referred to as SCAA, publishes information about its operations and management on its website
Association; the majority of SCAA members are members of the Archery Clubs which are affiliated to SCAA.

SCAA’s Lawful Basis for collecting Data

SCAA needs to keep records of its members in order to fulfil its objectives and ensure all members are eligible for the benefits of membership including the right to represent the County in Competitions and to confirm eligibility for awards based on gender, age-group and similar criteria.

Overview of SCAA’s Use of Personal Data

SCAA gathers and holds certain information about members, and some of this information is shared with the Southern Counties Archery Society. SCAA also gathers information about entrants to events hosted by the association. Some anonymous statistical information is occasionally shared with Archery GB. SCAA uses contact address information gathered from entrants to events, who may not be members of SCAA, to communicate news of forthcoming events to meet its objective to promote and develop Archery in Sussex for its members.

How SCAA gathers information

Members join SCAA either by becoming a member of an affiliated Archery Club, in which case they are automatically affiliated to SCAA and the Archery Club shares membership information with SCAA; or members join and provide membership information directly to SCAA.

In order to carry out its functions, SCAA requires its affiliated Clubs to submit data to the Association promptly; however, where data has not been submitted, or not submitted in full, SCAA may obtain this data if available from information shared by Archery GB.

All Archery Clubs that affiliate to SCAA require that all their Shooting Members are members of Archery GB; and Archery GB requires all their members to be affiliates of the County Archery Association and Regional Archery Society of the area of their Club or where the member lives. Archery GB shares membership data with Counties and Regions for members in their areas.

All personal data gathered by SCAA is in the first place collected by Clubs or directly by Archery GB, or in the case of direct members, by application to SCAA, generally from input forms filled in by the person whose data is being collected, or by their legal guardian, or other authorised representative. Data collected in this way and
shared with SCAA, including membership data submitted to Archery GB and subsequently shared with SCAA by Archery GB, may be used as described in this Notice, and together will comprise one data set.

Provision of an item of data, such as contact data, grants permission for SCAA to use that data in accordance with this notice and the SCAA Constitution and Rules.

SCAA does not collect and use data by other means from the SCAA website, or combine with data from other data sets, or derive or infer data by further processing.

Information gathered by SCAA

Information passed to SCAA as described above may include the member’s Name, Gender, date of birth, Club affiliation, Archery GB membership number, membership status, and optionally, contact information, particularly eMail address. Other membership information gathered by Clubs that may be passed to SCAA will
not be processed without further consent from the subject of the data. Additionally, direct members will have to provide full contact information.

SCAA’s Use of Data

SCAA may use members’ information for a number of purposes including the following:
· To exert proportional voting rights at Regional and National level
· To assess need for Coaching and Training and other Development Support
· In conjunction with ranking and performance data submitted by members, to assemble and select teams to represent the County in competition.
· To confirm eligibility for Grants
· To confirm eligibility for County Championships Awards and for Reduced Membership Subscription for Children and Young Adults, and for Veteran or Masters Awards
· To comply with legal, regulatory and association governance obligations and good practice
· To provide members who have opted-in with information by email about Association Competitive Events, Coaching / Training / Development opportunities, Meetings, Club Events organised around the County and similar Archery-related topics of local interest.
· To keep records of Championship and Tournament Results, Performances, Achievements and High Scores, and Membership Names lists for Historic Archive purposes
· To provide Complaints and Disciplinary support to Clubs and members

Direct Mailings

Members who have given their consent by providing an address may be sent news and information about the activities of the Association and affiliated Clubs, by an available means of communication.

Members may opt-out of receiving further communication by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link on the messages.

How SCAA shares personal data

SCAA forwards membership subscriptions collected by Clubs (and SCAA itself) on behalf of the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS), and shares the member’s Name, Gender, date of birth, County Affiliation and Archery GB membership number with SCAS.

From time to time SCAA may be required to share certain personal data with SCAS and / or Archery GB where it is relevant to Complaints or Disciplinary Action carried out in accordance with County, Regional and National Policies and guidelines.

Apart from sharing with SCAS and Archery GB as noted above, SCAA does not share members’ information with any other parties unless under a duty to disclose the personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation (for example to government bodies and law enforcement agencies).

SCAA does not engage in any Trading or Marketing operations and does not share members’ personal data with any Commercial or Marketing organisations.

Other data and how it is used

SCAA collects additional information associated with individual members such as scores and classifications, which are used to compile Rankings Tables and Records Tables, all of which may be archived as Historic Records. This information is generally submitted voluntarily by Club records officers and by the members
themselves, but may also be gathered from published tournament results.

SCAA may collect additional information, such as full address and telephone contact data, in respect of members likely to be selected to represent the County in competition, and of officers and post-holders of the association, in order to be able to improve contact options. Initial contact to obtain this information is usually made through the Secretary of the Club of which the individual is a member.

SCAA strives to provide Championship Events and other competitions, or to sponsor Associated Clubs to organise them. SCAA Events may be open to non-members. As part of these activities, personal data is collected which is used to compile the Entrants Lists, Target Lists and Results Sheets, which are published and may be archived for posterity. Addresses collected are used to communicate with entrants, and may be retained for a period stated on the consent form in order to send communications to notify forthcoming SCAA events and competitions.

Management of Data collected by SCAA

SCAA will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that members’ data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Rights to correct, see, or erase Data

Members, and others whose personal data is held by SCAA, have the right to:
· Have any inaccuracies in their data corrected by sending a request to the County Secretary.
· Request a copy of the personal information SCAA hold about them. We require the member to prove their identity with two pieces of approved identification. This request is free of charge unless the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive.
· Have their personal data erased from current data held by SCAA by sending a request to the County Secretary, however this will automatically result in termination of membership, and some information may remain on archived documents kept for historic purposes.

Requests should be sent to the County Secretary by email at or by mail tothe address listed in the Southern Counties Archery Society’s Directory, a copy of which is distributed to all Secretaries of affiliated Clubs.

Retention of personal Data

Personal data collected every year upon joining or renewing may kept for up to one further year after the end of the subscription year, however some documents and records such as Tournament Results, Performance Records, Membership Lists, etc) that may include non-sensitive personal data are kept for longer periods for
archiving or historical purposes.

Personal data may also be kept for longer as permitted by the General Data Protection Regulations (such as for compliance with a legal obligation, or statistical purposes, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims).

Changes to this notice and the way SCAA treats personal information

SCAA may update the terms of this privacy notice at any time, so please do check it from time to time.

SCAA will notify members about significant changes in the way it treats personal information by sending a notice to affiliated Club Secretaries, and to Direct and Individual Members who have provided a contact address and / or by placing a prominent notice on our Website. By continuing your membership you will be deemed to have accepted such changes.

Changes applying to data collected in respect of non-SCAA-members (normally entrants to SCAA events) will be notified on the Prior Consent section of the relevant Application Form.

Enquires and Complaints

The County Secretary is the first point of contact regarding any enquires arising from this Privacy Notice.

Where possible, please raise all enquires or complaints in writing.
SCAA will acknowledge receipt of all complaints and will try to investigate the complaint within 15 working days.

All enquiries and complaints should be sent to the County Secretary by email at
or by mail to the address obtainable from the Archery GB Membership Department or the General Secretary of the Southern Counties Archery Society.

You may also complain directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you are concerned with how we are handling your personal information using their online form which can be found here: