Tremendous Performances this Spring

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Sussex Archers have been making their presence felt this spring at Regional and National Shoots:

  • ONE WINNER at the National Series Leg at Oxford
  • TWO Champions at the UK Masters
  • THREE Southern Counties Champions PLUS the highest Longbow Score
  • FOUR Champions at the All-British Field Championships

The Medallists were Bryony Pitman  (Worthing), Mandy Linn (Chichester), Chris Ellis (High Weald), Petra Ginman (Ditchling),  Michaela Lake (Eastbourne), Alan Smith (Newhaven), Gerry Deak (COAC), Jason Meehan (High Weald), Kevin Warwick (Kingsbury), Adam Stevens (Kingsbury), Harry Datchler (Bayeux), Marc Charlesworth (Arundown)

2015_UKMasters_LBchampsFuller Details Follow….

At the Southern Counties Championships 12th – 15th May

2-Way Longbow Day
The Longbow day at SCAM (the Southern Counties Archery Meeting) has the biggest entry of the whole shoot. It’s a traditional 2-way Double National, and attracts members of dedicated Longbow Clubs as well as increasing numbers of Archery GB Recurve Archers having a day off from the  modern gadgets.
The shoot is run to BLBS Rules, which mean the winner is the archer with most hits, in second place is highest score, and third is the archer with most Golds. Alan Smith of Newhaven came second with the Highest Score, and because he had two misses he was placed behind the winner who missed once. The ‘average’ archer in this shoot has about forty misses.

The Champions
Sussex has three outdoor Regional Lady Champions again, an exact repeat of the 2014 result:
Recurve: Petra Ginman (Ditchling), Longbow: Mandy Linn (Chichester),  Barebow: Michaela Lake (Eastbourne).
Alan Smith (Newhaven) was second in the Longbow Championships.

National Series – Oxford 16th & 17th May

Putting down a marker as an Adult Archer, Bryony Pitman convincingly beat Naomi Folkard to win the Head-to-Head National Series Leg at Oxford, with Amy Oliver in third place, proving she is right up there with the biggest Big Girls.
Gerry Deak and Petra Ginman successfully negotiated the Rankings Round but were eliminated in later rounds.

All-British Field Championships 23rd & 24th May

Sussex Archers won 4 out of 12 classes, no other County came close to this number of winners.
Achievers were:

Jason Meehan      High Weald                         Gents B/B Champion
Bryony Pitman      Worthing                              Ladies Recurve Champion
Kevin Warwick      Kingsbury Co of Archers     Gents Traditional Champion
Adam Stevens      Kingsbury Co of Archers     Gents Traditional Runner up
Michaela Lake      Kingsbury Co of Archers     Ladies Traditional Champion
Gary Cole             High Weald                          6th Gents Compound U/L

Home Nations Competition
Winning team – England     Bryony Pitman and Adam Stevens were team members.

(Not part of the British Championships as the juniors have their own championship on 18/19 July.)

Harry Datchler         Bayeux                                    1st Junior U/15  Comp U/L
Marc Charlesworth    Young Archers of Angmering  1st junior U/18  Comp U/L
>>Click Here for Results

Longbows Sweep the UK Masters 6th & 7th June

Mandy Linn (Chichester) and Chris Ellis (High Weald) took top Longbow honours at Lilleshall.
Gerry Deak (COAC) won the Silver medal for Gents recurve. Gerry was also part of the winning SCAS team in the Northern v Southern County teams

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