2011 Intercounties Successes

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Southern Intercounties Combined Senior & Junior Championships
– Senior Team Managers Report

This years Intercounty tournament was held at Kent University, and 9 counties accepted the Southern Counties Archery Society’s invitation to enter teams.
The Sussex teams arrived bright and early, and despite the horrendous weather forecast of high winds and rain, the day turned out to be a bright sunny one, although the wind was very strong.

Feel the wind in those poplars...

Feel the wind in those poplars...

Sussex archers had a successful day; Longbow archers were included for the first time, and our team of Liz Bowyer, Marilyn Dewar, Cliff Knapp, Chris Ellis and Ron Smith came in first position. It is now hoped that this will be included every year in future.

Intercounties2011LONGBOWpodium550pxl The final results were:

Senior Longbow

lst SUSSEX (as above) 1416
2nd – Surrey 1257
3rd Middlesex 1110

Senior Recurve

1st – Surrey 4044
2nd – SUSSEX 3987
Our team was – Mandy Linn (with a personal best);Adele McPeake; Gavin Sutherland and Paul King. The reserve Mark Dunbar was unable to shoot.
– Essex 3918


Senior Compound

1 – Herts 4668
2 – Surrey 4662
3 – Kent 4616
Our team of Linda Palmer;Chris Keate; Phil Adams; and Terry Maskell put in a very creditable score of 4567

Junior Recurve

1 – Essex 4386
2 – Surrey 4360
3 = SUSSEX 4267
Our team was Bryony Pitman;Tom Winkworth;Melissa Chinery; Keira Henderson, and Abigail Goacher)

Junior Compound

1 – Essex 3670
2 – SUSSEX 3611
(Our team was Pip Tucknott; Jamie Cole; Katie Perkins and Sian Underhill.)
3 = Kent 3428
Individual Highest Junior Score – Pip Tucknott

Many congratulations to all those who took part and supported our County at this very prestigious event..

Intercounties2011SUSSEXteam550pxlUnfortunately the Junior team captain could not be with us, due to personal circumstances, but the junior teams were very well looked after by Nick Cole, Tracy Winkworth and Daniel Bridge.
The senior team manager was Doreen Cannon.

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