About SCAA

The Sussex County Archery Association is a federation of  Sussex Archery Clubs, that provides and co-ordinates County-wide Events, Leagues, Training and Development, and organises and supports representative Teams that compete against adjoining Counties and at Regional level.
The Association is a constituent member of S.C.A.S, the Southern Counties Archery Society, the largest regional body in UK Archery.
The Association embraces both Administrative Counties, East and West Sussex, and covers the whole ancient Saxon County.

All Archery carried out under the auspices of County and Regional Bodies is subject to the Rules of the Grand National Archery Society (and its operational arm known as Archery GB) which require that all Archers are members of GNAS / Archery GB. Most Archers are members of Clubs, who ensure that all their members are affiliated to Archery GB. A small number of Archers affiliate directly with Archery GB, and are not members of an Archery Club. These individuals may join S.C.A.A. directly. Only members of S.C.A.A. may compete for County Trophies and Titles at S.C.A.A. Events and receive S.C.A.A. sponsorship.


Every Shooting Member of every affiliated Sussex Club should be a member of S.C.A.A., and should also pay the subscription fee for S.C.A.S, which the County Treasurer will pass on to the Region as a block affiliation payment.
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S.C.A.A. selects, manages and supports Senior and Junior Outdoor Target Archery teams that represent Sussex at Regional Counties Championships and inter-county Matches.
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S.C.A.A. organises a number of Championships and Events each year, but most of the Archery in Sussex is managed by the Clubs, who offer a wide range of activities.
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S.C.A.A. keeps Records of the highest scores achieved by members in all archery disciplines and  styles and age-groups, separated into scores achieved on the  archers’ home grounds, and at open tournaments
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S.C.A.A. supports and facilitates Archery Instruction and Performance Coaching through the Martlets Guild of Sussex Archery Coaches, an autonomous body represented on the County Executive Committee
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Chairman’s Reports and Committee Announcements since February 2017 are on the SCAA Exective Commmittee Page, for older postings select County news in the side menu
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