Archery for Juniors

As you might expect, Archery is a popular sport for children and teenagers, and it’s one that often suits the youngsters who aren’t over-keen on contact sports like football. It’s certainly a lot quieter and less aggressive!

Unlike team ball-sports, or one-to-one contests like tennis or fencing, where each side tries to prevent the opposition performing well, the performance in Archery depends on one person only, the Archer, and so the sport suits people who like to perform an action perfectly, rather than confront and harry an opponent; the sort of person who might also like skateboarding  stunts or diving if they went in for more high-energy sports.

Sussex Juniors have reached the highest levels in British Archery (and are continuing to do so – look at some of the Tournament Results and Performance news items on this website) , and some have represented their country overseas.

Most Sussex Archery Clubs take Junior members, and many have a Junior Club attached. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s organised as separate Youth Club with a hectic programme of activities, in most cases it’s mainly a means of keeping down the cost to parents, and the Juniors are effectively members of the main club.

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Many Juniors find all they need in their own home club environment, but there are many opportunities to go further afield and participate in all kinds of events locally and further away, and to join in the different branches of the sport, such as Target and Field. And there are several different types of Bow to choose from, all with their own skill requirements and choice of Competitions, ranging from prehistoric types to the latest High-Tech.

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Juniors are encouraged to strive for selection to the County Teams.

Every year a number of Sussex Juniors attend the Junior National Championships, both indoor and outdoor.  As a result, some have been selected for National Training Squads, and some have travelled abroad to represent their Country.
There is a ‘ladder’ of competitions leading from Beginner to Junior World Champion
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Juniors are provided for at nearly all the Tournaments held in the County, whether S.C.A.A. events or not, and Juniors are encouraged to enter wherever possible. There are some S.C.A.A. endorsed events that have special Trophies for Juniors…

The Sussex Junior Shoot

Known as ‘Doreen’s Shoot’ because she’s been promoting this for nearly 50 years. Held at Eastbourne on the second Saturday of July, specially formulated to suit Junior Archers. Windsor Rounds (nine dozen arrows shot)

County Championships Weekend

The Junior County Champions are decided on either Bristol or Metric Rounds (twelve dozen arrows shot) at this major tournament on the third weekend in July. Junior archers usually shoot the highest scores of the day.

County Indoor Championships

At the present time S.C.A.A. hosts the Southern Counties Regional Indoor Championships at the splendid K2 centre in Crawley at the beginning of March. The County Championships is incorporated into the shoot, and so is a Team Event, with a trophy available for the best Junior team. This is is an accessible top-level shoot, and many Sussex Juniors have performed with honours.

Year-Round Competitions for Juniors

For around ten years a Junior ‘postal’ League has been been running alongside the Sussex Albion League. It’s a postal league because quite a number of the clubs shooting in the Albion league can’t put up a Junior Team, but for those that can there is the opportunity for juniors to shoot Windsor Rounds to suit their age group alongside the teams shooting the Albion Round; their scores are sent off to the Albion League Organiser who inserts the totals into a all-County league, with medals for the top junior teams, which are awarded at the Annual General Meeting in January.

Through the Winter Season SCAA organises two Indoor and Frostbite Junior Postal Leagues. Both are three-dozen-shot rounds, the Indoor Round is shot on a 60cm Portsmouth face at 20 yards and the Frostbite is shot at an 80cm target set at the shortest distance of the Metric outdoor round to suit the archer’s age group.