Sussex Junior Winter Leagues

Winter 2021-2022 Leagues
– This year Junior AND Adult Divisions!

Winter Leagues have now completed, Awards have been posted out

Click the following links for winter 2021-22 FINAL RESULTS:

Junior Winter Portsmouth/indoor League 2021-22

Junior Winter Frostbite League 2021-22

Senior Winter Portsmouth/indoor League 2021-22

Senior Winter Frostbite League 2021-22

Senior Indoor League 2021-22 CLUB TEAM SCORES

Senior Frostbite League 2021-22 CLUB TEAM SCORES


For Previous Years: Sussex Winter League Score Archive

Information about the League…

Winter Leagues start in November. To make up for all the Cancellations of the regular Tournaments, an ADULT DIVISION will be run alongside the Junior League.
If your Club isn’t able to shoot Indoors this winter, you can shoot outdoors.

How to do it is explained below, and you can refer to the…

SUSSEX WINTER LEAGUE RULES with Covid-19 Safety Concessions

This year we have introduced online forms for submitting scores. There is one form for each league.

Junior Portsmouth League Entry Form

Junior Frostbite League Entry Form

Senior Portsmouth League Entry Form

Senior Frostbite League Entry Form

And to help you submit your scores>> here’s a 2-up Scoresheet you can print

The 2021-2022 SCAA Winter Leagues are open to all Sussex Archers and run from 1st November 2021 until 31st March 2022. Entry is free. No pre-registration is required, and the sooner you start the better

EXTRA! Clubs can submit Team Scores made up from the individual scores submitted – so there will be a Club Team League too, for the four months December to March.

IT’S EASY! All the Leagues consist of a Round of 3 dozen Shots. Just shoot a Frostbite round (3 dozen arrows) or 3 dozen shots in a Portsmouth round format (can be part of a full round of 60 arrows) each month at one of your Club Days (see the Rules – link above – and details further down the page for the Portsmouth Indoor/Outdoor and Frostbite Outdoor Leagues), and submit the scores via the online forms (linked above), these will be forwarded on to the Winter League Division Secretaries:




The League Period is from 1st November 2021 to 31st March 2022.

Introduction – JUNIOR LEAGUES
The Sussex Junior Winter Leagues are intended to encourage Sussex Juniors to shoot specified short rounds on a regular and organised basis.

The Portsmouth League comprises 36 shots (with sighters before) at 20 yards distance on a 60cm target face, and will now be awarded by Gender and Age Group, differences in Bowstyles will be adjusted:

GIRLS: Under 18, Under 16, Under 14, Under 12

BOYS: Under 18, Under 16, Under 14, Under 12

For the Indoor league, all bow-styles will now shoot together in the relevant gender/age group, and scores will be adjusted by the League Secretary as follows:

Recurve: As shot (no adjustment)

Compound: -10%

Barebow: +20%

Longbow +30%


The outdoor (‘Frostbite’) competition will automatically take account of age difference because of the different distances shot.  There will be no score adjustment for the outdoor league.

At the end of the winter season, prizes will be given to the top three winners in each category for both girls and boys.

The objective should be enjoyment of shooting and the wish to improve personal performance rather than to destroy the opposition – after all, there may only be one participant in some categories!

This year the new Adult Division follows the junior 3-Dozen format because there will shorter sessions and fewer opportunities to shoot, which should also make the League more accessible to Novices and archers who haven’t entered Winter Leagues before.
Both the Portsmouth and Frostbite Leagues will be awarded by Gender and Bowstyle, with no score adjustments.


The leagues are open to all  Archers who are affiliated members of any Archery Club that is affiliated to the Sussex County Archery Association.
Archers whose age is is 18 or more shall enter the Adult Division and Junior Archers (under 18 years of age) shall enter the Junior Division.

The Age Grouping for a Junior Archer will be their age on the 31st January during the relevant League Period – the mid point of the series, in the New Year. Archers whose birthdays are between 1st February and 31st March may continue shooting at the lower age up until the end of the League Period.

The Leagues
The competition is for individual archers who will compete by shooting 3 dozen arrows, and sighters as permitted by the Rules of Shooting.
The Portsmouth Competition will be shot on a 60cm FITA (Portsmouth) Face at a distance of 20 yards. The first 3 dozen arrows of a Portsmouth round may be used as a league score, as may scores shot in the Archery GB November Challenge.
The Outdoor Frostbite Competition will be shot at a distance that will be dependent on the Age of the archer. Adults will shoot at 30 metres and Juniors will shoot the distance prescribed in the Rules – see note below.
The size of the Target Face will depend on Bowstyle. Recurve and Compound bows will shoot on an 80cm FITA Face, Longbows and Barebows will use a 122cm Target Face.
In both competitions, only tens will be counted as ‘golds’, and inner-ten scoring will apply to Compound Bows when shooting the INDOOR competition.

The competitions will run for a period of five months from November to March inclusive.
Each month every participant can submit their best score in either or both competitions.
The final scores at the end of the winter season will be the total of the best three scores shot during the competition. This means that starting late, or illness, will not necessarily put anyone out of the competition, but of course the more months participants shoot the better chance they have of eliminating ‘off’ days.

GNAS / ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting must be followed. Scores must be properly recorded, no-one may record their own score, and all scores must be checked carefully for correctness and signed by the Scorer (Covid-19 Safety: Archers should not handle the score sheet, but the Scorer must get the Archer’s verbal agreement to the Totals before signing. Archer and Scorer to keep Socially Distanced at all times and errors in adding-up are to be be pointed out verbally). The League secretary will have the right to call in score sheets if there is any doubt or dispute, so all score sheets of submitted rounds must be kept at least until 1st July in the summer following.

Submission of Scores

  • Scores may be submitted by the archer, a parent/guardian for their own child, a parent/guardian acting as a representative for one or more juniors, or a representative from the club. HOWEVER it will be the responsibility of the competitors to make sure their scores are submitted in time
  • Scores for a particular month must be delivered to the League Secretary no later than the 7th of the following month.
  • Email submissions are preferred and a message acknowledging receipt will be sent.
  • Scores are to be e-mailed to the Division Secretaries – see above and in the Rules

IF YOU SCAN YOUR SCORE SUBMISSION FORMS TO E-MAIL THEM, PLEASE TRY TO KEEP THE FILE SIZE REASONABLE. Please scan in black and white (monochrome) and at medium resolution, say 300 or 600dpi. It will help if you can keep the file size below 1 megabyte, if you can scan as PDF (Adobe Acrobat portable document files) the size will probably be smaller than a normal JPEG picture. Thanks. There is no need to send individual score sheets but you must keep them until 1st July in case they need to be checked.

Submitted scores must have sufficient information to enable the Secretary to identify the competitor’s name, gender, age and club, the type of bow shot, and the score, giving the total, the number of hits, and the number of tens scored. Remember to say whether it’s an Indoor or a Frostbite Round.

Entering the League
To enter the League, simply send in a score as described above.

The League Secretaries will try to keep up-to-date tables on the SCAA website, and final results will be declared as soon as possible after 7th April.

NOTE – Frostbite League Distances
under 12 yrs – 10 metres;
12 to 13 yrs – 10 metres;
14 to 15 yrs – 20 metres;
16 to 17 yrs – 30 metres
under 12 yrs – 10 metres;
12 to 13 yrs – 20 metres;
14 to 15 yrs – 30 metres;
16 to 17 yrs – 30 metres


  • The Club Team Leagues will take place over four months, December to March, and the winners will be the Teams with the highest average placings at the end.
    Each Month a team Placing List will be published, based on the scores submitted that month.
    Any ties in the final placings are to be broken on total Team score for the four months.
  • Teams to be made up by bowstyles (Recurve, Compound, Longbow. Barebow). Recurve teams to comprise Three Archers, other styles to comprise Two Archers.
    All SCAA Affiliated Archers are eligible, but Juniors in the teams must have shot the Adult Distance.
  • There will  be TWO Club Leagues, the Portsmouth Team League comprising 36 arrows at 20 yards on a 60cm face (Indoors or Outdoors), and the Frostbite Team League to be 36 arrows shot Outdoors at the Adult Frostbite League distance and face sizes.
  • TEAM SCORES to be eMailed to the Winter Club Team League Secretary by 14th of the month following the relevant shooting month. Submissions must show:-
    Club NAME; and for each team:- Month when scores were shot, Bowstyle, Name and Score for each team member, Total Team Score

Team Scores are to sent to…

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