Hants Match Senior Manager’s Report

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

New National Ladies WA 1440 Record by Sussex Archer

2014SussexHantsMatchThe Sussex Seniors won three out of the four Bowstyles – but Hampshire won the Match on Aggregate because Sussex were short on Juniors

The county team met up at the Southampton ground ready for our annual match against Hampshire. Some of us had not been there before, so we managed to lose one member, but luckily he did turn up right on the dot, thanks to the Hampshire team giving instructions over a mobile phone!
The day was very pleasant; good company, good scores and good weather – with a nice ground thrown in – what more could you want!!!
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Our team shot very well as follows:
Phil Adams 1312, Ross Carr 1302, David Wakeford 1296, Chris Keate 1296 – total 5206
Linda Palmer and Julie Pede also shot very well, with 1273 and 1234 respectively.
(Hampshire won 5282 to 5206)

Gerry Deake 1262; Gavin Sutherland 1238; Petra Ginman 1125 David Coates 1109 – total 4734
Dianne Billiness and Paul King also shot, and their scores were 1047 and 1057
(Sussex won 4734 to 4680)

Phil Reay  971, Douglas Hendrie 842, Michaela Lake 790, Fleur Chambers  702 – total 3303
(Sussex won 3305 to 3163)

Chris Ellis 705, Marilyn Dewar 630, Ron Smith 533, Graham Merritt 459 – total 2327
Karen Holmwood also shot with a score of 407
(Sussex won 2327 to 1826)

Click here for the Results listing spreadsheet

We congratulate Hampshire on their overall win. Sussex won three of the senior sections, and so it was very close.
The Junior teams formed part of the overall result;  unfortunately we were unable to field complete teams, and so lost several of their sections.
This was a Record Shoot, and Marilyn Dewar has claimed a National Record for her score of 630 – many congratulations.
Sussex would like to thank all archers, both seniors and juniors for supporting the county at the first match of the season.

Doreen Cannon, senior team manager.

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