Michaela Lake at Euro 3-D Champs

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Euro3d 2016 Me and Lizzie Crop 580pxl

Only her second visit to a European 3-D Championships representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland with her Traditional set-up, and Michaela Lake brought home the Silver Medal from Slovenia.

Michaela Reports…

My aim for the week was to get into the top 16 as that would be respectable. I had taken a quite a few days of leave to train at South Wiltshire as they have a 3D course set up. My aim was to score 300 points per day for the 2 qualifying rounds to get into the final 16, and I had done this in practice on a few occasions so knew it was possible.

Day 1 of qualifications, I scored 289, so a bit below and walked back in from the course not knowing if I had done enough to keep me in, but when the scores came out, I was ranked 6th! I was so pleased but knew I had a lot to do the following day to maintain the position, as some archers were coming in with up to 345 points. It could easily turn. The following day, I scored 301. Again, I wasn’t sure if I had done enough but found I had maintained the 6th position.

MLakeSlovenia02 580pxlThe next day was eliminations, where the top 16 archers are reduced to 8. The scores are wiped clean, and there are only 12 targets and one arrow per target, so no room for error. I knew the score I needed to stay in the game, and I was a few points off it, so came off the course again, wondering if I had done what I needed or not. I walked back and waited for scores and had come 6th. So I was through! We went out again in the afternoon, where the numbers are reduced from 8 to 4. We went out in two groups of 4, I didn’t shoot as well as I had hoped, the day was swelteringly hot and I came second in my group. I thought therefore, I had maintained 6 position. Turned out, the archers in the top group didn’t have a good shoot, and I had come second. Well, I was so shocked, couldn’t believe that I had come that far to get into the last 4.

Euro3d 2016 Hearing the news 580pxl The following day, was semi-finals. It was nerve wracking, commentary going on as we were shooting, just 4 targets, one arrow per target, tv cameras. I managed to keep calm as I was just thrilled to be in that position. I shot against a brilliant Swedish archer, who is a much better archer than I am but she was feeling unusually nervous. I managed to hit 3 of the targets and won, which meant I was then in the silver medal match. Even if I missed all of them, I would still get a silver medal! But, I hit two – I should have hit more but I was so nervous, my bow arm was shaking and the TV cameras etc did start to get to me.

Euro3d 2016 Me and Lizzie at the end of it all 580pxlSo, came home with a European Silver Medal. Absolutely thrilled. Now looking towards next year and the World Championships and World Masters.


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