Tables for 2018 and recent years are in the Rankings Archives

Revision Date: 6th March 2020.

Note: All scores up to and including the date above have been included in the rankings tables if you have a ranking score that has been missed or you are yet to submit your scores please email the results sheet to the rankings officer.

Please send Rankings Scores and Queries to SCAA Rankings Officer

Outdoor rankings

Junior / Senior Outdoor rankings

Indoor rankings

Junior / Senior Indoor rankings

County Selection

Rankings will be recorded for Ladies, Gentlemen, Junior Ladies and Junior Gentlemen in the following categories: Recurve, Compound Unlimited, Barebow and Longbow. Each individual archer is responsible for submitting their scores to the County Rankings Officer. Please download a copy of the scores return form and send it to the CRO by email or post at your earliest opportunity.

The ranking of each junior archer will be re-assessed when they attain the next age group. Juniors are encouraged to shoot ‘over age rounds’ prior to reaching the new age group. Scores shown in purple are reassessed scores for the appropriate Metric round following a junior archer’s change in age group. These scores are then used to recalculate the ranking score until sufficient new rounds have been shot. Junior archers are eligible for consideration for the Senior team but must submit scores for their respective senior rounds.

The ranking system is based on the scores for FITA / Metric rounds and York / Hereford / Bristol. The FITA / Metric rounds will be the base rounds. York / Hereford / Bristol scores will be converted to an equivalent score using the handicap tables.

One of the three qualifying rounds may be shot at a Club Target Day, the remaining two must be shot at tournament events.  A score shot at a Club Target Day must be supported by the score sheet, signed by the archer and a witness. The witness must not be directly related to the archer, i.e.not a partner nor a parent or guardian.

Should you wish to query any information on the rankings table an archive of all scores is available on request.

The ranking period will be a rolling 12 months.