Sussex triumphs at 3-County Shoot

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

SCAATeam30thSept2012reportheaderThe three-way match held at Crawley on 30th September between Surrey, Essex and Sussex  ended in an overall victory by the home county for both  Seniors and Juniors.
Although the setting up of the field on Saturday was on a glorious day, Sunday started off overcast, and then became very windy – very tricky conditions for the archers!

Our Judge was Roger McMullen, and we thank him for keeping the shoot going along nicely, as we did not want to shoot in the twilight!!

SCAATeamLadies30thSept2012The county would like to thank all those who assisted on Saturday to get the field ready, and to those who worked on the Sunday to ensure that everything went smoothly.  I would like particularly to thank our Chairman Terry Maskell who worked unstintingly on both days – I wish I had taken a picture of him on his little tractor!!

Also thank you to all the archers who assisted in moving bosses, and helped to return them to the container at the end of the shoot. Your assistance was greatly appreciated.

We welcomed teams from Surrey and Essex to our record status match , it was nice to see Surrey again after such a long time, Essex is an old friend and so we were pleased to meet up again.

I am pleased to say that two Rose awards were claimed, Lucy Kendrick-Goss of Eastbourne Junior  Archers, and Mick Wollaston of Ascham Bowmen..Ron Smith of Newhaven Archers claimed a Senior Longbow three gold end

Well done to you all – quite an achievement in that wind!

The final results for the combined senior disciplines were:

Sussex 9265 ;    Surrey  8597;   Essex 8461.

Regarding the junior result, as Surrey were unable to field Junior compound, barebow or longbow teams, it was decided that the result would be on the recurve team only, and so the result was:

Sussex 3369; Essex 3361; Surrey 3187.

Well done everyone, and I hope you all had a good day.


Next year we will be visiting Surrey and Essex and I will let you know the dates as soon as I can. The spring  match against Hampshire is currently being arranged, and again you will be informed of the date as soon as possible.

Doreen Cannon, Senior Team Manager

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