Team Building Programme

LATEST: 2022 Start of season Pool Development Days 2nd and 3rd April – >>See Team and Matches Page<<

Archers – this is an opportunity to be part of a ‘Pool’ of archers of various levels of ability, all with an ambition to improve their performance levels and sooner or later reach a county-team standard.
Coaches – there are opportunities to help support and mentor these archers as they develop and improve their skills and confidence – please do get involved if you can.

This time the Team Managers are not just thinking about the top-ranked archers, but hope to include the ones who want to develop their archery skills but are likely to take a year or two to get higher in the Rankings. The general hope would be to have a larger pool to select from, and hopefully be able to encourage a mindset where all the squad is happy for there to be some kind of rotation in the team, not always trying to pack it with only the established best archers

If you would like to be involved in this programme either as Archer or Coach, please email the Senior Team Manager.

The programme will be begin quite soon, STARTING WITH An introductory Team-Building Day on 4th September at Newhaven AC’s ground at Firle near Lewes. As it’s still a long time until we’ll be arranging Matches, this day will introduce the plans for the Programme through the winter months and Spring, and include talks about getting Competition Ready and preparation for top-level events, and there will be sessions of shooting – BUT NOT QUITE AS YOU KNOW IT. Emphasis on coping with the unexpected and getting to know one another. Personal Coaches are invited to attend – there will be no group coaching at a ‘skills’ level.

SO PLEASE E-MAIL THE SENIOR TEAM MANAGER as soon as possible to say you’d like to be part of the programme, and to get into the Development day at Newhaven.
STM will send you details of the Development Day, Location, what to Bring etc.

And to make up for the shortage of shoots this Spring / Summer, there will be a Team Preparation Shoot at the beginning of October to finish off the outdoor season, details to follow

We know that a number of the people who intend to join this programmes are hoping to find a Coach or Mentor to work with them – so if you could be one of those people please do contact the Team Managers. One of the underlying ideas in this programme is that all Archers who feel they would benefit from personal coaching will be able to find it, and it’s hoped the coaches will attend the Development Events along with their protegees.

The scheduled Team Development Days will focus on team building and ‘winning archery’ rather than shooting technique. Any Sussex Archers with ambitions to improve their performace should think about joining the programme.
We may have to limit numbers if there is big response, but SCAA will try to accommodate as many as practicable.