Sussex County Clout Championships


The 2022 County and Open Clout Championships will be held on Saturday 3rd September at Adur Valley Archers, Dial Post

Round: Double WA Clout (one-way)
Tassel Award Status Applied for
Map and Directions are on the last page of the Shoot Prospectus
Assembly at 10.30am

2022 Sussex Clout Entry Prospectus
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The WA Clout is more novice-friendly, it’s much larger than the GNAS Clout which used to be the same size as the WA Clout, but reverted to a smaller traditional size about 50 years ago.

Archery GB Rules require that all archers competing at Clout Tournaments have received Instruction.  There will be an instruction opportunity before the the shoot starts (30 minutes before the advertised Assembly Time), which is not a practice or coaching session, but explains how to shoot longer distances safely.

If you are not an experienced Clout Archer, we recommend you read this Clout Basics Booklet before shooting.

For detailed Information about Interpretation of Clout Rules, including information about design of bowsights for Clout shooting, CLICK HERE

Previous Clout Tournaments:

The 2021 County and Open Clout Championships was held on Saturday 4th September at Adur Valley Archers, Dial Post

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The 2020 County Clout Championships were held on Saturday 5th September at Adur Valley Archers Ground at Dial Post

The shoot was the first Clout Tournament in the UK to be carried out in accordance with Archery GB ‘Return to Competition’ Guidelines and Government Covid-19 control Guidelines. Numbers were restricted so that there were fewer than 30 people at the venue, however we were able accommodate all the Sussex Archers who wanted to attend, plus half a dozen guests. And after a stretch of poor weather, the shoot took place under almost perfect conditions.

Click Here for >> 2020 Sussex Clout Results

Apart from one Shoot that was held in February, no Clout shoots are being given Tassel Status in 2020, and there will be no National Championships, all because of the Government Limit of 30 people on the field. So this is effectively a ‘closed to county’ shoot – but scores will of course be eligible for County Records, and County Awards.


The 2019 Clout Championship was held on Sunday 11th August.

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Results from SCAA Tournaments in earlier years can be found on the Tournament Archives page.
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